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Even my week in San Diego cannot escape Trump

For a fall getaway, we fly to San Diego. Although one has to endure the bone crushing Rouge Flight because it is a direct flight, we always emerge from those five hours a bit shorter and in my case, slightly grumpier.

However, once here, I relax my shoulders and sigh, “Ahhh.” San Diego has come to be associated in my mind with a break from reality of everyday life at home. Of course one takes with them some of the baggage of the world: as in the Blue Jays’ final bid for supremacy in the realm of ball teams and the American election. Recently even away, I’ve been reading interesting commentaries and analyses on these games of thrones.. In particular both Margaret Wente and Mark Kingwell’s in the Globe had insights.

Wente talked about a change in attitude towards women. She described in her piece how her workplace long ago included unwanted advances towards her as a woman, and this male behaviour had -if not been acceptable, been openly tolerated. I too recall a bid for a job where the interviewer also went beyond polite questioning. Wente did not at the time complain and neither did I. Back in the 70s, we would have been scoffed at, encouraged to suck it up and act like a big girl and take it. Obviously today, that overreaching behaviour is no longer acceptable and loudly women cry out loudly “foul.”. Yet the women who did speak out against Trump were berated as “ fiction” on national television, and another woman Hillary Clinton was lambasted as the conspirator who had initiated the stories? Shades of Watergate paranoia? Or more likely just paranoia. However, no one believes this boy who continually cries wolf. His comments are only extensions of his attacks on Rosie O’ Donnell and no one , I consider, actually believes he did not take liberties.

Even a subdued Melania dressed in black did not rush to the stage to kiss Trump on the eve of the third and thankfully final debate. I foretell, maybe fancifully, her embarrassment to be tied to this awful, awful man and I would not surprised if the Donald is soon searching for another beauty queen to take her place. Yet her fixed face at the archbishop’s roast may hide her disgust at both candidates.

Others have also commented on Trump’s name calling, his abusive hovering( in debate two), his reactive rather than thoughtful responses. Truly Wednesday was not to be called a debate. For a moment, my mind wandered to FDR and how he had had to repair and rebuild America, and how that powerful businessman did it by not mongering fear or throwing panic and inciting violence into a devastated population. His new deals and creative supports did grow the economy but his attitude, his knowledge and desire to build substantiated his character and helped soothe a tattered population.

 Here in Trumpland ,we have so much lesser human, a whining bit of humanity who cries foul should the ball be taken away from his greedy hands. To accuse the media of rigging is disingenuous for someone who has profited and manipulated the media for his own advantage for his entertainment property, The Apprentice. My thoughts when running over him are ironically cliches: my way or the highway; take your ball and go home, might over right, etc.

This bullying figure rarely puts together three coherent sentences, although the childish muttering of “ nasty” or “ liar” shake of the head connotes for any parent, an angry little boy who wants his own way. Refusing to acknowledge Hillary in a successful bid for the presidency, the petulant child cries , “ Just you wait and see”, as he stamps his feet and assumes an indignant puffed up presence of the adder who may just have other ugly plans to be played out.

What has bothered me greatly is referring to the present president as “Obama” without the prefix. There is a disdain , a rudeness here, a lack of respect reminding me of an episode on the Australian Netflix series Rake in which a high school teacher protests that no one says what they mean and language has become meaningless. For his efforts and confusion, the series’ character winds up jailed! In the presidential reality show, this antagonist in his single syllable words cares little for the impact of his words, throwing them carelessly at the target he deems appropriate. I do not dismiss Hillary either. She is a politician and one in many many cases not to be lauded or grievously to be totally trusted , but when must choose between the devil and the deep( more cliches!), one swims madly for someone who at least has experience saving women and children in a boat that is tottering but more or less stable.

Trump thinks himself beyond the law, as in not accepting whoever the new president will be, but also in enacting civil behaviour for, if I disagree I need not follow the protocols. At one point last night he struggled to find the correct expletive for Hillary , struggling to.finally with much distaste, blurt out ” this….person”.This behaviour is so unacceptable. People who would be role models must behave as such.With the breakdown in dress, language and standards, not surprisingly, teens on buses and subways, heads plugged into devices, do not yield their seats to older travels, or allow the door to slam on women with baby carriages, aware only of their own egos and ignoring the space of others. And that is just one example. Think of plagiarism , of bullying…

So I had begun this blog with thoughts to share on the beauty of Solana Beach, its charming coves where the high tides races with your toes, the delightful breaks with friends over the deep rich Peet coffee I prefer to Starbucks, contemplating our new Mexican alebrijes in our little condo, the glorious blue of the sky and perfect weather, but sadly we cannot escape the world. Even as I furiously knit a red cape for my granddaughter, it does not avert my eyes from life that comes to us through the press and television so we in spite of ourselves we stay connected. And this piece is yet another diatribe against the evils in the world. Ironic, isn’t it?


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