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Today is Election Day in the US and by the time I publish this, the fanfare will be over. Hopefully the best of the two will have won and we will watch the inauguration of the first woman president. From the outset of this race, I,like so many, have experienced a tumble of emotions, from laughter, mocking, ridicule to amazement, disgust and revulsion for Trump of course, but also the entire election. Waves of disbelief and depression washing over me as I contemplate this world, America where a bash showman  can insult women and minorities and not be stopped for his xenophobic and demeaning attacks.And even with criticism, like a tractor cleaning a path, he has continued to arrogantly and ignorantly to plough ahead, with an incredibly huge barrages of followers. Instead of the illusion of a better, safer world for our grandkids, the possibility of this… has persisted. A petuchant little boy when events or his own words are used against him. He embodies all that is rotten: lying, insensitivity, intimidating, bullying, menacing, insulting, thin-skinned, racist, mysogenist.: absolutely everything I detest.

What do you tell kids? Its not just a difference of opinion.

Read David Remnick in The New Yorker





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