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What’s for breakfast?

The newspaper juxtaposes a buttertart and a donut: Which do you choose? Although I am a fan of chocolate or chocolate dipped, the glazed donut gets my vote. It’s not that I reject butter tarts and I do recall a perfectly wonderful one in Halliburton, but maybe it is the tart- thing being all beige and bumpy brown that causes me to prefer the glistening glaze and the perfect circle of the former. That one is only 190 calories and the other-although it likely features gooey raisins or crunchy nuts-is almost double in calories does not stop my predilections for the later that possesses a hole in the middle.

Funny about the foods we prefer and why.

I am lately bored by my breakfasts. Mostly each morning in California, I have tasty mixed grains usually augmented with grower fresh berries and then topped with yogurt- dipped raisins along with a wallop of assorted nuts. This later combo of mixed nuts and fruits has become my 4 o’clock snack as well as I ferret out a treat that I assume will get me to dinner, assuage my hunger and provide a mid day boredom escape for something textural on my tongue and not spoil the impact of a 6 or 7 o’clock supper.At home, green tea was the ticket, but although I am not a sugar fan, here that space between lunch and dinner feels it needs a touch of sweet along with something tooth- munching.

But what to do about breakfast boredom? I have substituted granolas and sampled other healthy cereals, but even as I appreciate variety in my Pilates instruction so, too, do I long for breakfast difference. This week I decide a leftover cherry hamentashen will work and although I endured some guilt from ingesting a pastry so early in the day, it does suffice. Yet , I’m not sure why the dough needed to be so thick and well! doughy—- but the inside pocket of jammy- like contents was flavourful and possessed an interesting texture.

I’ve been doing this more lately: finding breakfast substitutes.

Several weeks ago, I chanced upon a croissant at a small French restaurant. I was delighted and decided the almond might serve as a perfect treat so I indulged and purchased two: one for morning coffee and one for my afternoon snack indiscretion. It was slightly crispy , but airily layered and flakey and buttery for midday , but suffered in the morning as the separating sections condensed in the plastic baggie I believed would maintain its freshness. Adding a scrape of butter to an indulgence all ready conceived with butter seemed an overindulgence so I simply brushed on a stain of jam. That helped to moisten the surface, but I missed the feathery lightness of the bread fresh from the oven, my finger tips barely coated with butter.
Even the unevenness of the paste of almonds,  both quartered and halved did not reignite my tastebuds a day later. Still I much preferred it to the boredom of cereal.

I have considered this problem of day old and in an attempt to be proactive, I have purchased muffins that appear moist in the baked goods section of our upscale grocery. But also mindful that a day should begin with something healthy, I ignore the tempting chocolate chip or even chocolate muffins , averting my eyes, and perusing the bran, bran- raisin, banana, banana- walnut varieties. Even cranberry- orange promises some better choice although I know there must be sugar and flour and other devilments within all. So I sigh, the voices in my head arguing the pros and cons of muffin ingredients although I know of course, they are a baked good, not a healthy breakfast choice. However, determined to avoid cereal and too lazy to grind frozen berries into a drink or even crack the shells of eggs, I select a flaxseed and berries muffin, pretending that flax will definitely augment my health and of course  th boast of “mixed berries “could mean those blueberries that boast innumerable benefits. Plus from experience, I know these muffins will maintain their moistness housed in a plastic baggie over night. 
And yes, next morning with a strong cup of coffee, most often Peets, this product will kickstart my day with a little delight for which I search: I attempt to explain this to those rampant internal voices in my head. I am very aware this path, not well traveled, to the soft and delicious cannot become a regular pattern, just an occasional morning diversion.

Fortunately for me, this morning, there is leftover challah from last night’s fricasse dipping, so I am sated by toasting it lightly, and barely slathering it in butter and strawberry preserves.
It is only breakfast that causes this angst to arise, the rest of the day’s meals a cornucopia of contrasts. But breakfast continues to challenge me. 


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