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One thought on “About

  1. Anne Petrie on said:

    Dear Dr. Goldblatt,
    I picked up the copy of Knit simple Spring – Summer 2016. I loved knitting story, Knitting Past and Present. I too learned how to knit first making an I cord through corking. After that my Mom taught me the garter stitch and made myself a scarf at 10 years old. I left the craft until I was 19 when I picked it up again, knitting booties for my soon to be born baby in June 1978.

    Three children later, and as the years pass by my comfort and relaxation. When my daughter was in kindergarten her teacher truly inspired me as a parent and human being. I volunteered in her classroom 2 afternoons per week. I watched in amazement as she shaped the little beings with laughter, skill and encouragement. Too me she was like Mother Goose. In January of my daughter’s kindergarten year as I was shopping in Lewiscraft I happened upon a knitting book the cover was a blue sweater and Intarsia Goose with a white and red trim at the neck, wrists and bottom. How perfect it was, I purchased the required yarns, needles and started knitting that very day. In June of 1989, my daughter handed her teacher a gift bag with the sweater, it was the first time I had ever seen her speechless. In August of that year a card arrived in the mail from my daughters teacher, there she was smiling in her sweater on vacation in Ireland. Written on the back it simply stated Jessica’s sweater in Ireland. My daughter squealed with delight and I had a lump in my throat.

    Thank you for sharing your knitting stories and helping me to relive a fond memory.

    Kind regards,
    Anne Petrie

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